Health Care, Obama Care, Trump Care, I don’t care what you call it, just bringing it up will create an often times heated discussion.

Many people like the current system, or at least most of it. They’ve been able to get coverage. Others would like to see a complete change because the promised lower rates never materialized.  

As you know, there’s a newly proposed plan put out by the GOP in Washington that would keep at least a couple elements of the ACA, but eliminate the mandates, and modify the premium tax credits which would increase the amount of credits for younger adults and reducing those for seniors.

Emily Piper is the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Services and she talked to Rich Peterson on Rochester’s Good Morning about the potential impact this new bill would have on Minnesotans.

Commissioner Piper said based on their calculations, Minnesota would stand to lose around two billion dollars by state fiscal year 2021 and that would grow to around 10.3 billion over a five-year period. That’s as it stands today, but it could change.

They have a website with more information at\dhs\aca-repeal. That will give you an idea of the potential impact around the state and the first congressional district.

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