What's cool about the sign being taken down is that when the sign was taken down, it revealed some history hidden from view!

The post from Betty's Pies shows the process of taking the sign down, and revealing the original Betty's Pies sign underneath the current sign! Other than the color, the older sign is a lighter shade of blue, nothing has changed! Since 1956, Betty's Pies has had essentially the same sign, hanging out along Highway 61.

The classic old pie sign had to come down today in preparation for Highway 61 roadwork to begin next week by MnDOT.
Different but similar signs have been on this stretch of Highway since 1956. One of the pics shows the original sign (light blue) behind the current sign (darker blue), an interesting find.

Betty's has become synonymous with going "Up North", travelers from all corners of the state, head to Two Harbors to take in the sights and scenes of nature, and grab a slice of pie along the way.

If you are curious as to how Betty's got its start, here is what the business posted about it on its social media account:

It all began in 1956 when Betty's father Aleck built a fish shack by the Stewart River on Highway 61. Betty thought it would be a good idea to have some goodies for the fishermen when they stopped in, so she started making donuts and coffee for them to enjoy. 

Well, one thing led to another and Betty began selling hamburgers and hot dogs. Customers didn't really like looking at dead fish while they were eating, so in 1958 Betty turned the old fish stand into a café that she named "Betty's Cafe". She also added pies to her menu. 

Eventually, Betty expanded the café by adding a lunch counter and more seating, of course, the pie selection expanded too. People were now beginning to make it a regular stop on their way to cabins and resorts along the North Shore.
Some things just never change, and that's ok too.

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