As the Greenwood Fire in Northeastern Minnesota continues spreading, Minnesotans have taken to social media to share their photos of the fire's destruction.

For nearly ten days now, firefighters and structure protection crews in Northeastern Minnesota have been fighting a raging wildfire near and around Isabella. According to reports, the fire was detected on August 15 and caused by a lightning strike. As of Monday, August 23, the fire had destroyed nearly 9,000 acres, threatened countless cabins, homes and recreational sites and led to evacuation orders. The graphsics below show known fires around the Boundary Waters.

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Minnesotans in the area have taken to Reddit to share photos and their perspective of the fire.

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"Opened the door to let the dogs out this morning, and the smell of smoke is intense in Duluth," one person commented. "Obviously, not as bad as being next to actual fire but, it was a surprise. I didn't notice anything last night."

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"Greenwood fire as seen from Black Sand Beach in Silver Bay," Reddit user u/jwood13 captioned his photos above. "Giant mushroom-like/ cumulonimbus cloud erupted out of nowhere."

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"From Ely massive smoke clouds can be seen where there is a view to the south," u/-biohazard-butterfly posted on Reddit above. "Photos of the plume from Swanson’s gravel pit and Passi Road earlier today."

Video from Twitter user Chuckumentary shows the sky in Tofte orange and filled with ash.

The fire yesterday was expected to jump State Highway 1.

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