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This might be one case where road rage is totally understandable. It's against the law, but still totally understandable!

You've got to hand it to this guy. Apparently, he was fed up with the crime surge some parts of the country, including parts of Minnesota, is experiencing and went ahead and did something about it-- even though he himself ended up getting arrested.

This story takes place over to my home state of Wisconsin, in the capital city of Madison. (Which is a little over 3 hours east of Rochester, in the southeast part of America's Dairyland.)

According to this story from former Rochester reporter Logan Reigstad, who now works for Madison TV station WISC, the 29-year-old man (whom the Madison Police Department didn't name) saw two people steal his snowblower right out of his garage Monday night.

Not content to just call the police to report the theft, the man was -- understandably, if you ask me -- pretty upset at the blatant burglary and then apparently took the law into his own hands. (Which, you really shouldn't do.)

So what did he do? Well, he followed the two burglars and intentionally crashed his truck into their vehicle, T-boning it hard enough to cause the two burglars-- a man and a woman-- to need to be transported to a local hospital with 'serious but not life-threatening injuries,' the story said.

Wow! I understand his frustration. Seeing someone steal something of yours, right out of your garage, has to be incredibly maddening. However, for deliberately crashing into their car, the story said the guy was arrested and hit with a second-degree 'recklessly endangering safety' charge.

I'm guessing it's a small consolation, but the story also noted that the injured man and woman WILL likely be facing burglary charges for attempting to steal his snowblower in the case. Of course, he's not the only one who's faced charges. Keep scrolling to check out some famous celebrities who've also been in trouble with the law!

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