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For a long time now the Associated Bank, right behind Rochester's Apache Mall, has been closed. That will change soon because...a building permit to turn it into a restaurants was filed last week.

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It's early days yet, but word on the street is it's a plan by the owners of a restaurant that's constantly winning awards for favorite restaurant in Rochester, Victoria's. The new business will be called Sorellina’s, and will be opening later this year.

In Jeff Kiger's PB column, Natalie Victoria (one of the owners of Victoria's and The Tap House properties), said it'll be more bistro like and will have a large patio.

With all those trees around there, and the river, this could be a very cool location. Plus, the folks at Red 44 Apartments would have another option within walking distance. Not that I'd get tired of Panera, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Hot Chip.

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What Exactly Is A Bistro?

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I searched on "bistro' and this was the first photo that came up. Whaaaat? (Scott Griessel)

According to Merriam AND Webster (that whacky couple that just love their words)

bis·​tro | ˈbē-(ˌ)strō , ˈbi-
plural bistros
Definition of bistro
1: a small or unpretentious restaurant
2a: a small bar or tavern

Let's run the word thru a few test sentences...

Yum, the food in this Rochester bistro is excellent...and so unpretentious.

Hank, I think you're correct. This IS a bistro. It is smaller, unpretentious, and on Saturdays I guess it could double as a nightclub.


The first time I ever went to a bistro, the guy at the door said, "Do you mind waiting a bit?" and I said heck no, and he said, "Good, take these drinks to table eight."

Bad Date
This was the SECOND picture that came up. What is going on? (Scott Griessel)

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