I just kept hitting refresh but NOTHING was happening.  Yes, Facebook had a little issue today and it wasn't Charter or Metronet or you needing a new router.  Everyone in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the entire world was without the social media giant we have come to rely on called Facebook.

Is it just me or does Facebook hate everyone in Minnesota today?

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

While I patiently waited for his computer programmers to fix the issue, I realized that I now have time for other things that I never do.

10 Things You Now Have Time to Do When You Aren't On Facebook

I love Facebook but realized during the latest outage throughout the country that I now have time to do SO MANY other things! Here's 10 things that I did while Facebook was recently working on the little bug that shut the entire system down throughout the world. You could do these too! Actually, you do just log off now and do these.

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50 Reasons Why Facebook is Super Annoying

Personally, I use the social media giant for work.  I know my family looks at it to see what we are up to but I don't always post the horrible stuff on Facebook because, well, life is messy.  I asked around and below are 50 reasons why people think Facebook is just the worst and super annoying.  Go through those and see how many you agree with...and then let me know, over on Facebook.  ;)  My page is - Jessica On The Radio.

50 Reasons Why Facebook is Annoying

You might get annoyed by Facebook, but did you check Facebook today? For most people, that answer is "Yes". I asked around though to see if people love Facebook or get annoyed by it more and the resounding answer from people in Minnesota was "ANNOYING" and here are 50 reasons why.

30+ Reasons Why People Still Like Using Facebook

A bunch of people have jumped off the super popular social media platform called Facebook for various reasons but for those that have stayed, why are they still logging in? I asked around and got a bunch of answers from people that live in Minnesota to see why they still have a Facebook account and here's what they said their reason was.

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