BREAKING: Bed Bath & Beyond Announce 37 More Store Closings Including 2 stores in Minnesota and 1 in Wisconsin

According to, Bed Bath & Beyond just released the latest list of stores that would be closing by the end of February.  37 stores are on the list that will be closing by the end of February including 2 in Minnesota and 1 in Wisconsin.

37 Bed Bath & Beyond Stores Closing By The End of February 2022

According to, 37 more stores were just added to the list of Bed Bath & Beyond locations that are closing. Below are the stores that have already started liquidating and will be closed by the end of February 2022.

In July 2020, Bed Bath & Beyond shared that they would be closing 200 stores over the next two years and the latest list of 37 stores are part of that 200.

The first round of closings was announced in September 2020 with 63 stores on the list that closed by the end of that year.  You can see what Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa towns were impacted by the closures below.

Bed Bath & Beyond Stores Closing By the End of February 2021

What does this mean for the Rochester store?

It's good news for Rochester, at least for now. But, do you think that the Rochester store will make it through the next round of closings? Let me know what you think. Send me a message on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

Check out the new Caribou Coffee Shop That Was Just Built in Rochester, Minnesota

It's one of the cutest coffee shops that you'll ever see and it is right here in Rochester, Minnesota!  Next time you need a cup of coffee, check out the new Caribou in town.  Below are a few photos of the shop as it was being built.

Newest and Cutest Coffee Shop in Rochester had quite the transformation!

I've been waiting pretty much forever for the new Caribou Cabin to open up in Rochester, Minnesota. We first heard that Caribou was going to be building this adorable coffee shop by Cub Foods way back in May of 2020. So, yeah, it's been a test of our patience. I've been slowly watching the progress take shape and was super excited to pull up and grab a cup of coffee on their opening day. Yes, as of November 30th, 2021, the Caribou Cabin is finally open!

Here are a few photos of the progress and what the new place looks like.

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