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MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — U.S. Bank Stadium officials have agreed to pay their share of a $1.2 million settlement to a Wisconsin man whose foot was injured at a Garth Brooks concert in 2019.

Tom and Diana Ugoretz, of Marshfield, sued the owner of the Minneapolis stadium, its operators, builders and security personnel after a large steel hydraulic barrier was lowered onto Tom Ugoretz's foot outside a gate. He sued for his permanent disability and past and future medical expenses. Diana Ugoretz sought compensation for loss of companionship.

The couple’s attorney, Michael Brose, says the settlement includes a confidentiality clause that prohibits the parties from discussing his client’s injuries, the incident or the settlement.

The suit accused two security people of “negligently” lowering the barrier wedge on May 4, 2019, outside the Pentair gate on the south side of the stadium. The barrier serves to prevent vehicles from driving into the stadium gates.

The stadium's owner, the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, signed off on its portion of the settlement, $745,000, last month. It is covered by insurance.


While the document ends the lawsuit, it also says it should not be construed as an admission of negligence, but rather was signed “solely to purchase peace.”

MSFA attorney Jay Lindgren said he was not aware of a larger injury settlement involving the six-year-old stadium, the Star Tribune reported.

“Clearly the man suffered a horrible injury,” said Lindgren, adding that a remote control device could have lowered the wedge on Ugoretz’s foot. As for what actually happened, Lindgren said it’s unclear.

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