The Rochester Park Board has approved a staff request to seek City Council permission to pursue the possible purchase of a large piece of property from IBM.

 The large undeveloped site on the south side of IBM’s campus is being eyed as a possible future large sports complex. IBM has indicated it wants to sell the site for $5 million.

Park and Forestry division head Mike Nigbur will next brief the City Council on the proposal. He told the Park Board Tuesday that he will also negotiate with IBM to include its large park in the agreement - at no extra cost. He says the park property is valued at $3 ½ million. Nigbur says if IBM won’t donate the park to the city, he will seek rights to future ownership.

The major obstacle to the proposal is a lack of money. Nigbur says there is no money set aside for such a purchase but says various options will be pursued, if the Council endorses the Park Board’s recommendation.

A decision is expected soon as IBM has indicated it wants to sell the property in the near future.