Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - The city of Rochester is trying to breath new life into a unique downtown development proposal - with an emphasis on affordable housing this time around.

The city came up empty when it earlier sought proposals to add a project on top of the new parking ramp that is expected to open next month. Assistant City Administrator Terry Spaeth expects a formal notice for another round of requests for proposals (RFP) will be made this week.

The city spent extra money on the $31 ½-million ramp located next to the Hilton hotel being built on Broadway to accommodate a project with up to ten floors of space.

Spaeth says the city is now focusing on an affordable housing project at the site and has already had conversations with some developers. Spaeth says it’s possible the project would consist of a 50/50 mix of affordable and market rate units. He says financial incentives may also be considered. The biggest incentive for a developer could be getting a downtown site for a housing project without having to acquire the needed property.

News Update: Another pedestrian is killed in the Twin Cities.