Memorial Day weekend wasn't a slam dunk on wins for the Minnesota Twins but it was for celebrity sightings in Minnesota.

Another Famous Face Spotted in Minnesota on Tuesday

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

Famous Celebrity Spotted at Minnesota Twins Game on Sunday

Over the holiday weekend, Minnesotans had a chance to cheer on their favorite teams.  The Timberwolves had a game on Friday at Target Center in Minneapolis against the Mavericks before they went down to Texas to play game 3.  The Minnesota Twins were in town as well and were also up against a team from the Lone Star state.  The Rangers came to visit and thanks to a few amazing hits, the Twins won two out of three games over the Memorial Day weekend.

Fans who enjoyed the baseball game at Target Field on Sunday, May 26th didn't see one of the winning games but they did have an opportunity to spot a celebrity.

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

Movie Star Spotted at Minnesota Twins Game

If you weren't hanging out on X (formerly known as Twitter), you probably missed the tease that a celebrity was in the stadium for the Minnesota Twins game.  While many were enjoying the game and eating cheeseburgers and french fries from the concession stands, others posted things like this on social media platforms:

"Steve Zahn is at the Twins game alert alert @DanaWessel"

- @gaultcommasarah on X


Was Steve Zahn Actually At The Minnesota Twins Game on Sunday?

In case you are wondering if the celebrity news is real or not, I can tell you that it was.  My family went to watch the Minnesota Twins on Sunday and as I was wiping bird poop out of my hair (true story), one of the fun games for fans popped up on the big screen.  It was time to play, Celebrity Look-a-like!

If you are new to this game, the screen shows a celebrity and then the cameras look to find someone in the stands that is similar to the celebrity.  They showed a great look-a-like for quite a few celebrities including Nancy Kerrigan.  After a few funny similarities, they showed one for a younger Steve Zahn.  In my head, I thought..."huh, that is kindof rude", and then they had a pretty good match for him in his younger days.  And then, they wrote on the screen "Current Steve Zahn" with a pretty recent photo.  And then...they showed Steve Zahn...sitting in one of the seats at Target Field.

The crowd was cheering and it was a great moment at the ballpark.  It would have been an even better day if the Minnesota Twins won, but you know, it is ok...we saw Steve Zahn.

This Was Not The First Time Steve Zahn Has Been Spotted at a Minnesota Twins Game

Fun Fact - Steve Zahn has a cabin in Minnesota and has shown up at Target Field quite a few times to watch the Twins.

Did You Know Steve Zahn Grew Up In Minnesota?

Fun Fact #2 - Steve Zahn knows the Land of 10,000 Lakes quite a bit.  In fact, he was born here.  Back in 1967, he was born in Marshall, Minnesota and also spent time as a kid in Mankato.  He also went to school at Gustavus Adolphus College for a semester.  According to Wikipedia, he now has a cabin in Pine City, Minnesota.

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