Rochester, MN  (KROC AM News) -  Rochester police continue looking for the person who fired a gun near the RCTC campus last Sunday.

But they have arrested two Rochester men who are suspected of being involved in a confrontation just before the shooting and it’s believed the two incidents are connected.

Investigators have learned a fight broke out Saturday night during at a party in a unit at The Quarters apartment complex. Police say one of those involved in the fight was 19 year old Lance Giwa. Police say he and three other men returned to the apartment Sunday armed with pipes and other weapons but could not get inside. While they were leaving, they confronted a 19 year old who they accused of being involved in the fight the night before. The teen says the four drove off but a short time later the car drove past and he heard a gunshot. The teen wasn’t hurt and he told investigators he wasn’t sure if he was being shot at.

Giwa was arrested Thursday for his role in the Sunday incident. Also arrested was 22 year old Bolus Dimbiti. The two are facing felony riot charges.

Police are working to identify the other two men who were with them.