Austin, MN (KROC-AM News) - The police chief in Austin is expressing a bit of exasperation over the actions of a few citizens in recent days.

Chief David McKichan says two juvenile girls were arrested yesterday after they allegedly damaged 11 vehicles at the Quality Pork Processors plant. It is also suspected they were responsible for the damage to 5 cars at the Mower County impound lot. McKichan says the girls admitted causing the damage at Quality Pork and offered no reason for their actions other than just wanting to do it.

On Monday, a 20-year-old Austin man was arrested outside the city's Law Enforcement Center for throwing rocks at the personal vehicle of an on-duty Austin Police Officer. There was also damage to a window on a city administration vehicle. Mckichan says while Ethan Gregg admitted to the vandalism, the reasons behind it were unclear.

In reporting the vandalism, Chief McKichan had this to say. “We are disappointed in the senseless actions taken by these individuals in both cases. Our Officer and those in the food service industry should not have to worry about this type of behavior at any time, but especially not as they work hard for all of us during this pandemic”

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