Most every weekday on Rochester's Good Morning Rich Peterson talks with the "sports expert", George Rownd.  George brings a unique look into the day to day Minnesota sports scene, not just a typical "review" of the games.

George has also shown that he's not only very knowledgeable and insightful on the action of today, but sports history as well.  Which brings me to my point.

Do you think you can stump the sports expert?? We've added a nice incentive for you. A gift certificate to Charlies Eatery and Pub in Rochester!

Starting Next week we'll take one question per day at 6:50 in the morning and if you stump him, you win!

Call in or email your question in.  (507) 282-1234 or

The "Sports Expert" every weekday mornings at 6:45 with Rich Peterson on Rochester's Good Morning, Newstalk 1340 KROC AM

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