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Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - A former Rochester man who was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison for a number of armed robberies in Austin has reached a tentative plea deal with Olmsted County prosecutors involving charges connected to a couple of armed robberies in Rochester last summer.

26-year-old Adrick Mims has submitted a petition to enter a guilty plea that says he will admit to two counts of first-degree aggravated robbery and a domestic assault charge. The robbery charges stem from holdups at two Rochester convenience stores.


Mims was accused of stealing $624 from the cash register at the Casey's General Store in the 1900 block of 7th Street Northwest after he allegedly threatened an employee of the business with a knife on June 5, 2022. The second armed robbery occurred on June 16 at the Shell Gas N Go store at 3610 East River Road Northeast. In that case, Mims was accused of taking the money from the business's cash drawer while he was brandishing a box cutter. The criminal complaint says all Mims told investigators he committed the robberies because he needed money.

Google    former Cenex(now Shells) Gas-N-Go

During the same month, Mims was responsible for three armed robberies in Austin. He previously admitted to robbing a convenience store on June 5, a robbery at an Austin liquor store on June 19, and a holdup add another Austin convenience store in late June. An off-duty Austin police officer witnessed Mims leaving the business after the third and he was arrested later the same day following a high-speed chase into the town of Lyle.

Mims was scheduled to appear for a plea hearing in Olmsted County Court on Wednesday, but because he is currently in the state prison system, he was unavailable to attend and the hearing is being rescheduled.

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