Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) -  Here’s something to think about if you are preparing to re-open a building for the first time since shutting down due to the Minnesota Stay-at Home order that was issued back in March.

 Flush your water lines.

Rochester Public Utilities says Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines advise business owners with internal water systems should flush them prior to re-opening buildings and facilities. RPU says internal water system flushing is important maintenance that should be used any time a building has been closed for an extended period to maintain good water quality. Flushing water lines removes older water and ensures that you have the freshest, best quality water prior to re-opening.

Flushing an internal water system includes flushing hot and cold water through all points (e.g. showers, sink faucets) and flushing hot water until it reaches maximum temperature.

RPU continues to flush the water distribution system throughout the city to make sure that when building owners flush their own buildings, they will get the freshest water possible from our water mains.

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