St Paul ( KROC AM News) - If you had a haircare appointment this week, you are out of luck.

The Minnesota Board of Cosmetology has ordered all hair salons, nail salons, and other spa-like businesses to close immediately.

The board says it has been advised they “are included in the Governor’s Executive Order” that was issued Monday that also closed restaurants, bars and hundreds of other businesses. The salon/spa closure will be in effect through 5:00 PM March 27.

The board also has released this information concerning Cosmetology Schools:

Please do what you can to prioritize the health and safety of students and clients. We are in conversation with the Governor’s Office and other relevant parties about solutions to the challenges that the COVID-19 situation presents.
We understand that schools are working on alternative learning plans that may be in conflict with statute and/or rule. If this is the case, we are asking that schools do the following:
1. Schools should notify the Board by Friday, March 20, 2020 if they will be using an alternate plan and what statutes or rules may be in conflict. Please notify the Board at
2. A detailed alternate learning plan needs to be submitted to the Board by March 30, 2020.