St. Paul, MN (Minnesota News Network) - State health officials want every Minnesotan to understand that people who are sick need to stay home, regardless of what they think they have.

The state Health Department’s Kris Ehresmann says regardless of whether a person tests positive for COVID-19, they must stay home, and should contact their health care provider if symptoms are not manageable. Self-quarantine is required until three days after symptoms fully abate.

If someone is ill, family members or others in close proximity must also stay out of the public for 14 days and monitor themselves for possible symptoms. If they also get sick, they also must self-quarantine until three days after symptoms fully subside.

State health officials say out of 77 identified COVID-19 cases in Minnesota, 13 are in health care workers — but not acquired at work… 9 cases are school employees and one case is a school-aged person. One of the new cases involved an employee of the Minnesota House.

Ehresmann says, “We followed up with that case and we followed up with their exposures, and so the school has been notified about any potential high- or medium-risk exposures, but in general the exposures in that situation were all low-risk.”

Ehresmann says of Minnesota’s 77 COVID-19 cases, 6 were through community transmission.

Source: Minnesota News Network

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