Did someone say Donuts? My ears always perk when I hear someone say "There are donuts in the break room." It one of my favorite foods on this planet. There are so many great donut shops out there with a lot of different choices on their menu, but sometimes you may want the "Unicorn" of donuts! Most of the time that doesn't exist. What if you could create that "Unicorn" and enjoy it? Fox 9 says in 2020 if you take a short road trip to the Twin Cities you can make that dream a reality!

The article says the franchise Duck Donuts is planning on opening a shop on the third floor of the Mall of America. They will be located on the Northside and will bring a whole new experience to the mall.

The article says that everyone starts with the same plain vanilla cake donut and then the sky is the limit. They have different icings, sprinkles and toppings you can choose from. If you are a bacon lover... that's even an option. If you don't want to have your imagination soar, the website says you can pick from the assorted donuts they already have made.

The company was started in 2013, with the goal to create a "family-friendly" environment. There is a lot of locations across the country, but we only have one other location in Minnesota. That store is located in Woodbury. Who else is excited about this new attraction?

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