The 2020 presidential race between incumbent Donald Trump and a long list of what some observers call Democratic extremists is likely to be contentious and exciting.

Trump’s opinion polls have been increasingly positive, sometimes eclipsing a 50 percent favorability rating among a range of political cohorts.

Not a candidate, but mirroring and influencing Democrat “progressive” views, is Bronx gadfly, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, known in journalistic short-hand as “AOC.” AOC’s off the wall comment comparing President Trump’s wall plans with the Communist Berlin Wall is historically ignorant.

Among AOC’S gaffs, are displays of economic ignorance. AOC endorses socialism, ignoring the history of Socialist-Communist violence and poverty, and the contemporary economic collapse of Venezuela.

Returning Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is planning a post-Hillary re-run. Not meeting the contemporary identify politics profile, the old white man seems reluctant to criticize the record and violence of failed Socialist Venezuelan strong-man Maduro. Declared Democrat presidential candidates Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris, and Cory Booker may be in trouble with contemporary “progressives” because of their past anti-criminal records as district attorneys and prosecutors.

Minnesota Muslim Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar has embarrassed some Democrat candidates with her anti-Semitic associations and comments and received criticism.

With the extreme ideological positions of some Democrats, it appears the outspoken President will have little trouble competing with them on the debate stage.

The Mueller investigation of alleged Trump-Russia election “collusion” appears at an end. It remains to be seen whether Special Counsel Mueller or President Trump’s new Attorney General William Barr will turn their attention to the election interference and “collusion” of former FBI leaders Comey and McCabe, and or Deputy Atty. Gen. Rod Rosenstein. The Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee may ask for further testimony from some of the DOJ/FBI actors and former Secretary of State and defeated 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her team.

If Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation doesn’t give House Democrats impeachment ammunition committee leaders Rep. Gerald Nadler and Adam Schiff are planning their own ongoing investigations of President Trump. Schiff has his own alleged “collusion” issue because of recently revealed past secret contacts with alleged Fusion GPS-Hillary conspirators, and he may be asked to recuse himself from his House Intelligence Committee leadership position.

Meanwhile, it was revealed by FOXNEWS investigative reporter Catherine Herridge that top FBI lawyer James Baker wanted Hillary Clinton prosecuted for “mishandling classified documents,” but former and fired FBI director James Comey and friends talked Baker out of it. After all, as Comey later declared, “No reasonable prosecutor” would take such a case.

Former Asst. FBI director McCabe, squirming on TV talk shows between, in my view, treason and sedition said then fired FBI director Comey did hurt the reputation of the FBI by his public political gymnastics over Hillary Clinton’s email manipulations. And let’s remember that Asst. Director Rosenstein approved of and wrote the reasoning behind Trump’s firing of McCabe, that the president had every legal right to do. Yet Trump’s opponents insist that Comey’s firing constituted “obstruction of justice” because it allegedly intruded upon the still unproven “Russia Collusion” wrap.

Pass the popcorn. More to come.

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