The “Get Trump on Anything” psychosis of Democrat Party leaders and representatives would be hilarious if it weren’t so threatening to our political system and the Federal Constitution.

California Representative Adam Schiff, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, has dismissed the conclusions of the Mueller investigation that found President Trump innocent of the Democrat charges of electoral collusion with the Russians, and obstruction of justice in the President’s request of then FBI director Comey to “go easy on General Flynn,” and then Trump’s firing of the former Director.

Congressman Schiff has threatened to subpoena even Mueller to get to the bottom of the Mueller report and conclusions. Schiff and Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have made it clear they do not trust Attorney General Barr to interpret and release the lawfully restricted Mueller report completely or fairly, even though Bob Mueller threw a monkey-wrench into the proceedings by revealing that he would assist Barr in assembling the information to Congress and the public.

A.F. Branco’s political cartoon shows an exasperated Schiff holding up a copy of the Mueller Report, declaring “Mueller is a Russian spy!!!!” As Branco penned, the congressman is throwing a “Schiff Fit.”

And we have Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, a retired Ivy League law professor, showing a disregard for constitutional history and legal traditions by suggesting and assuming it would be easy for the Electoral College to be abolished because Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 Election to Trump by the Electoral College vote while winning the popular vote.

Media pundits endorsing progressive liberal biases are similarly angry with the electorate, and advocate what I think are totalitarian responses to prevent the “Deplorables” and Donald Trump from prevailing in the next election. CNN’s veteran political correspondent Christiane Amanpour recently interviewed James Comey and asked the former director of the FBI if he wished the FBI had “shut down” people at the 2016 Trump rallies who chanted about Hillary Clinton, “Lock her up.”

To his credit, according to Powerline blog, Comey replied that it was not the job of the FBI to “shut down" political speech.

John Hinderaker of Powerline responded to Amanpour’s query by recalling the vicious “hate speech” Democrats and the media have hurled at President Trump, calling him “a traitor and worse.”

The Left seems to be in the business of using their own “hate speech” against those with whom they disagree. As Hinderaker put it, Democrat accusations of “hate speech” serve “partisan ends.”

It is intended, in Saul Alinsky fashion, to shut down debate and shut up political opponents. If they had the power, it seems to me, some Democrats would like to incarcerate opponents by criminalizing political disagreements, and indeed “lock them up.”