I was grabbing my afternoon coffee at the NW Hy-Vee Gas Station on Tuesday and saw the clouds that looked just a tad...off.  We've had our share of crummy weather lately but I didn't see expect to see this today!

While I was sipping my cup of goodness while waiting at a stoplight on West Circle Drive in NW Rochester,  I saw it in the sky...a funnel cloud!  I didn't snap a pic but I did track down a few people who grabbed a great photo!

Funnel Cloud Spotted In NW Rochester

One of my co-workers, Luke Lonien, wrote a story just moments ago with a statement from the National Weather Service about the possibility of funnel clouds today (you can read it here to see all the counties that are part of this statement!)  If you see any additional funnel clouds today, that statement states to make sure you report those.

Did you get a photo?  I'll add it to a gallery and share those in an updated story!  Send any photos to my Facebook page or my e-mail: jessica.williams@townsquaremedia.com

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