How's your health these days?  Are you concerned about the foods your kids are or are not eating?  On the Corner Pharmacist episode today, we're going to talk about eating healthy.

Fatty Fish

Doctor Thomas Kottke joins the Corner Pharmacist, Sherwood Peterson Jr. and Rich Peterson on Rochester's Good Morning today during the 8 o'clock hour.

Doctor Kottke is a cardiologist and medical director for well-being at HealthPartners in the Twin Cities. Dr. Kottke was at Mayo Clinic and led the landmark Cardiovision 2020 Project up until 2004.

We'll talk about REALISTIC healthy diets, supplements, how much exercise is enough and your calls and questions are welcome. (507) 282-1234 or email your question to

The Corner Pharmacist on Rochester's Good Morning today from 8 to 9 on News/talk 1340 KROC AM

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