St. Paul, MN (KROC-AM News) - State officials say a recent crackdown on drunk driving resulted in over 1350 DWI arrests. The Minnesota State Patrol and several hundred local law enforcement agencies participated in the enhanced enforcement campaign that ran from late August through the Labor Day weekend.

The Rochester Police Department reported that its officers participating in the effort made 21 arrests for suspicion of drunk driving, while the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Department made 15 DWI arrests. One of the motorists apprehended by Rochester police had a blood-alcohol-concentration of .36, which is 4 ½ times higher than the legal limit.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety also reported a driver arrested for DWI by the Winona County Sheriff’s Department had his intoxicated brother as a passenger. The brother was also arrested less than a half hour later when he was caught driving the same vehicle. In Two Harbors, police arrested a motorist for fleeing and DWI after the driver crashed into a fire truck of a squad car at the scene of the crash, and then collided with two more squad cars while he was being pursued by law officers.

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