Over the weekend, I thought that I was doing ok as I was reminding my kids to grab all of their stuff out of their lockers. It was going to be their last day until...well, no one really knows. I was also reading all of the updates from work, and since I work in the world where news is part of my job, I was seeing every little update about the coronavirus. I thought I was doing ok.

Sunday afternoon I got another e-mail from work, this time from a guy by the name of Stephen Lenz. The start of the e-mail was typical coronavirus talk, but the last sentence hit me in a different way. His words helped me realize that my self-care wasn't as good as I thought...because he was describing me, exactly:

"You are human. If you find yourself clenching your jaw, chewing your cheeks, taking your stress out on your body, take a moment to breathe, walk outside for a bit, look out a window. If you feel like you might need help, ask for it. It’s ok."

I didn't realize until that point that I was clenching my jaw...all day.

These are times that are hard to navigate and we are all living in a world that is in limbo. Many have lost their jobs. People are needing to make choices if they are going to pay their bills or buy food. People are now living in isolation when before, many of us were surrounded by co-workers and family. Anxiety, fear, and stress are now a bigger part of our lives.

To help with the Covid 19 pandemic, Family Service Rochester has launched a new telehealth counseling service. The mental health professionals at Family Service Rochester are available and ready to help.

Through Telehealth, counseling sessions can be provided via internet connection (on a smartphone, tablet or computer). The process, which is all completed from your home, starts with a phone call, completing a few online forms then you are scheduled to talk with a mental health professional. - Family Service Rochester press release

Just like my co-worker said, "If you feel like you might need help, ask for it. It’s ok. More info can be found by calling 507-287-2010.

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