The low bridge on 7th Street Northwest in Faribault claimed another semitrailer today.  On the way home from work I noticed the law enforcement vehicle lights up ahead and knew that it was probably another bridge mishap.

This seems to happen about once a month on average even after the city installed flashing lights calling attention (at least they thought) to the low height (12 feet) of the bridge.

I will check to see if the Police Department has a record of the number of bridge calls they've had this year but I don't think my estimate is too far off.  It was a week or two ago when they had another trucker not see the flashing signs a couple blocks before the bridge as well as the flashing lights on the bridge.

The truck was wedged very tight.  In fact it appeared to buckle the trailer in half judging by the efforts the Glenn's Towing professionals were making to get it more stable so they could move it.  They brought two of their trucks down.

A number of people from the neighborhood walked down or up the street to see what the commotion was all about.

I took a photo of the flashing sign which is about 5 blocks west of the bridge on the south side of the street.  One from the street to show the distance also.

Do you have any suggestions about what could be done to help the situation?  Years ago I suggested pulling the railroad bridge out but was told it was the railroad's decision to make.


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