Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News)- Rochester’s annual fireworks show is on track to be made up on Friday night. 

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The display, along with the city’s annual 4th Fest, was called off on Thursday morning due to inclement weather. The event was set to feature food vendors and live music along with the fireworks. 

In announcing the cancellation, city officials set a tentative make-up date for the fireworks display for Friday night. 

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Rochester Fireworks Show Make-up Set for Friday, July 5

A news release issued by a city spokesperson Friday morning says organizers are planning to stage the fireworks display Friday night. The show is scheduled to begin at 10:00 p.m. at Soldiers Field. 


The National Weather Service forecast for Rochester does not rule out a chance of showers and thunderstorms on Friday. City officials say they will announce an update if necessary. 

City of Rochester
City of Rochester

The fireworks show will cause the following vehicle and pedestrian traffic impacts in the area of Soldiers Field: 

Closed Parking Lots & Streets

Soldiers Field Parking Lot, Across the River (Broadway Ave S) will be closed on July 5.

9 Avenue SE is closed to vehicles at the intersection with Broadway Avenue. Sidewalks are open.

There will be no parking on 2 Avenue SW from 6 Street SW to 7 Street SW on July 5.

2 Avenue will close to traffic 8 p.m.

After the fireworks, 2 Avenue will temporarily become one-way northbound.

3 Avenue SW from 6 Street SW to 7 Street SW will close at 8 p.m.


The temporary pedestrian bridge over the Zumbro River near the intersection of        Broadway Avenue and 9 Street SE will be closed on July 5.

Pedestrians will take the trail on the east side of the river north to 6 St. SW.

The pedestrian path along the east and south sides of the Soldiers Field Golf Course, from 9 Street SE to the Highway 14/12 Street SE underpass, will be closed from 9 p.m. on July 5 until the morning of July 6.

 Pedestrians will be routed along sidewalks on the east side of Broadway Avenue and the south side of Highway 14/12 Street SE.

City officials are encouraging anyone planning to attend the event to take advantage of the following free parking options: 

All City and residential side streets, unless marked otherwise.

3rd Street Parking Ramp (100 3rd St SW)

Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial Parking Lot (7th St. SW)  The entire west half of this lot will be designated as accessible parking.

Soldiers Field Swimming Pool Parking Lot (Soldiers Field Dr. SW)

Roy Sutherland Playground Parking Area (Soldiers Field Dr. SW)

Street Parking (Soldiers Field Dr. SW, George Gibbs Dr. SW)

The news release notes that only the fireworks are being rescheduled. The other events surrounding Rochester's 4th of July celebration were called off for the year due to the inclement weather that hit southeast Minnesota on Thursday.

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