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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A reminder for public bus commuters in Rochester - the free rides end this weekend.

Starting Sunday, riders will once again have to pay cash or use a pass to board Rochester Public Transit busses. RPT stopped charging for rides last April.

Regular fare on RPT buses is $2. Discount fare is $1 for students, seniors, and persons with disabilities. Bus pass options include single ride, 10-ride, 20-ride, 31-day or 365-day. Student passes are also available. Bus passes can be purchased at local Cub and Hy-Vee grocery stores, City Hall, the parking office at Ramp 6, or from RPT customer service at 430 E. River Rd. NE.

And another change begins Sunday - the resumption of front door boarding. When the pandemic began last year, riders had to use rear doors due to Covid safety concerns.

Also on Sunday, RPT will change the numbering on 16 of its routes. No schedule or geographic coverage changes will accompany the change in route number at this time.

The new numbering system is designed to be easy to understand for new riders and to allow for future expansion. New 3-digit route numbers use the first digit to indicate which of four geographic quadrants the route operates. Northeast Rochester routes will begin with the numeral 1, southeast with 2, southwest with 3, and northwest with 4.

Another change replaces the “D” used to identify routes that serve the city’s four park-and-ride locations with an “X” to indicate express service. Park-and-ride lots and corresponding direct routes previously located at Cub Foods and Target South remain suspended with no plans to reintroduce them at this time.

Check here for more info.

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