On January, 13th 2019, K-9 officer Haas of the Duluth, Minnesota Police Department gave his life in the line of duty defending his partner, other officers, and our community.

Hass and his human partner, officer Aaron Haller were both shot by a suspect when responding to a domestic call that evening and fortunately Haller's injuries were not life threatening, while Hass passed shortly after at the veterinarian ER.

This hits extra close to home with a brother and hairy nephew K-9 who also serve the Twin Ports area.  These K-9 officers are more than just animals, they are friends, partners, and family.  One ride along with a K-9 pup and you'll see how much they don't just love but live their job, it's the best thing ever for them.

Haas was honored in a service Friday, January 25th, in Duluth Minnesota at the DECC.

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