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Originally published: 7/14/2019
Updated: 10/12/2020

Haunted Rochester! People always say someplace is haunted by a spirit. But in the Grand Rounds Building (now it's Nellie's on 3rd in Downtown Rochester), the former owner isn't just saying it, she says a lot of employees have seen it, too. Well, not SEEN the ghost, but witnessed what the ghost did, or even wilder was doing at that moment!

The ghost's name is Laura, and she's been heard talking in the basement and is generally pretty darn nice. She actually haunts the entire building, which makes sense as she used to live upstairs in the building (in an office space that faces the street).

You have to hear her story...it is AWESOME!


But wait...there's more! I decided I needed to experience Laura, so we did a show from the office and could actually hear and see Laura throwing things around the room. She was NOT happy to be talked about on the radio! You could LITERALLY hear pitcher crashing into the walls, boxes being dumped over. Super eerie...and awesome.

CREDIT: James Rabe

But you'll have to wait 'til next week to hear that story...

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