You have to travel back in time 26 years ago to find the last time a Super Bowl was held here in Minnesota. A lot has changed since 1992-- especially when it comes to the Halftime Show.

Where were you in 1992? That's when Super Bowl 26 took place at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis. The Redskins ended up beating the Bills in that game, 27-24.

I was in college at UW-Eau Claire back then and remember watching the game on my roommate's tiny 13-inch TV. (We apparently didn't have enough money to head out to a bar to watch it, I guess.)

What else was happening in 1992? Well, Colin Raye had the number-one country song on the charts back then, with the song "Love, Me." Other big songs were "Sticks and Stones" by Tracy Lawrence, "A Jukebox With a Country Song" by Doug Stone and Garth's "What She's Doing Now."

But back to that halftime show. Keep in mind that this was before today's era of big-time pop star or groups doing the halftime show-- stuff people actually WANT to see-- and instead featured shows that tried to catch the flavor of the host city. In fact, this MPR story says a company named Timberline Productions of Phoenix was hired to produce the show. They'd done things like Sesame Street Live, the story said, but never a halftime show.

The result? Well, it was entitled 'Winter Magic,' and the story summed it up like this: "A theme built around Minneapolis being a place that does winter right, a barrage of people dressed like snowflakes, inflatable snowmen, and what appeared to be 5 percent of the state's population descended upon the field for 12 minutes of gosh-darn-wholesome goodness." 

Yeah. Not quite Justin Timberlake is it? If you're up to it, take a look at what it looked like 26 years ago...

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