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It won't be long now until there's more sunshine each day here in Minnesota, so here's when we'll turn our clocks forward this year.

While this winter hasn't been as cold or snowy as usual through much of the Land of 10,000 Lakes, many of us are still looking forward to that warmer weather and longer days filled with sunshine sticking around for good, right?

And, as it turns out, it won't be that long until we have longer days here in the Bold North. You might have noticed that the sun is already setting later in the afternoon than it did just a few weeks ago. In fact, according to Time And Date, the Gopher State has already gained over two HOURS of daylight since our shortest day of the year back on December 21st.

(Curt St John/Townsquare Media-Rochester, MN)
(Curt St John/Townsquare Media-Rochester, MN)

In fact, we gained daylight at the rate of about 2 minutes a day in January, with that amount having increased to 3 minutes a day throughout February, Time And Date noted. But things will really change when Daylight Saving Time kicks in. So just when is that set to happen-- when do we spring forward in Minnesota in 2024?

You might have heard about a proposal that would have made Daylight Saving Time, where we move our clocks ahead one hour in the spring and then back again in the fall, permanent. USA Today says the U.S. Senate unanimously approved a bill (the Sunshine Protection Act) that would have done just that in 2022.

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But that act didn't pass the U.S. House of Representatives and wasn't signed into law. So again this year, we'll 'spring ahead' this spring (and lose an hour of sleep) and 'fall back' again this autumn (when we get that hour back), just as we have every year since 1918, when Congress first adopted the Standard Time Act which created Daylight Saving Time. Time And Date has this year's details:

Daylight Saving Time officially begins in Minnesota at 2:00:00 am on Sunday, March 10, 2024, when clocks move ahead one hour. Sunrise and sunset will be about one hour later on March 10, 2024 than the day before.

We'll remain on Daylight Saving Time until Sunday, November 3, 2024, at 2:00:00 am, when clocks are turned backward one hour and we revert to Daylight Standard Time, which will complete the 106th year we've made such a change. And speaking of changes, keep scrolling to see how some familiar logos have changed over the years, as well!

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