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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) -  How much did it cost Rochester to deal with Friday's Trump rally at the city airport?

It may be a few weeks before all the expenses are known.

Most of the costs are related to security and they could be considerable. Public safety officials and other employees were busy Thursday and Friday working on security and other plans and dozens of officers were assigned to the event, many of them deployed hours before the arrival of President Trump.

Rochester’s documented costs for the 2018 Presidential event at the Mayo Civic Center totaled just over $76,000 with the bulk of the expense covering police officers and other personnel.

A total of 46 city employees were involved in the event and they logged 468 hours of time.

Rochester city summary of expenses for Pres. Trump 2018 visit
Rochester city summary of expenses for Pres. Trump 2018 visit

The city is expected to recoup at least some of the money spent on Friday's rally.

Here is the agreement between the city and the Trump campaign staff:

“The Republican National Committee agrees “to pay Owner the sum of $16,000 ("Rental Fee") to rent Premises for the Rental Period. Owner represents that such sum constitutes fair market value of the use of exclusive space and shall include access to the basic utilities of the Premises , costs associated with moving incidentals within the Premises to prepare areas for the Event, and all costs associated with operating the Premises during the Rental Period. The Rental Fee shall be paid by RNC to Owners immediately upon invoicing by Owners to RNC.

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