Roseville, MN (KROC-AM News) - Two West Concord men showed up at the State Lottery headquarters in Roseville yesterday to collect a big prize.

Minnesota Lottery officials say co-workers Brian Aase and Rich Reyant often buy a couple of scratch off tickets together when they stop for breakfast, and kept up the routine yesterday during a visit to a Kwik Trip store in Owatonna. Reyant told lottery officials that he joking told Aase he hoped they would win enough “to maybe buy lunch.”

The first ticket they purchased didn’t win, but when Reyant scratched off the second ticket he uncovered a $100,000 dollar prize. Reyant says he was shaking was he asked Aase if he was reading the ticket correctly.

By lunchtime, both men were at the lottery headquarters to collect their winnings.

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