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Johns Hopkins University

[UPDATED 4/3/20 at 12:30 pm]  Here are the worldwide numbers of confirmed cases for the COVID-19 coronavirus over the past week: 396,249 (3/24) - 529,093 (3/26) -  595,953 (3/27) - 710,918 (3/29) - 823,479 (3/31) - 1,066,706 (4/3) -- (+243,227 / past 72 hours)

The United States number of confirmed cases:  46,548 (3/24) - 83,507 (3/26) - 104,463 (3/27) - 135,499 (3/29) - 175,067 (3/31) - 258,214 -- (+83,147 / past 72 hours).

The death rate is now around 5%. The United States now accounts for about 24% of confirmed cases in the world.


Keep up to date on the latest info for Central Minnesota.

See of how fast it's spreading and where it's spreading to, with this interactive Coronavirus Map from Johns Hopkins University.

This interactive map allows you to see all kinds of data about the COVID-19 coronavirus. Even though it's kind of scary looking, this is not intended to frighten you, It is meant to keep you informed.

The map shows the number of people infected, where they're infected, how many have recovered from it and how many have died.

According to the World Health Organization, the coronaviruses are a family of viruses that range from a cold to more severe illnesses. Here's what they suggest you do to protect yourself and some of the myths associated with it.

Here's more information about COVID-19 from the WHO, CDC and the MN Health Dept.

The World Health Organization (WHO)

U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Minnesota Health Department


Watch for those who will use this to scam you. The World Health Organization is warning everyone about it. Corona Virus scams.

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