Preston, MN (KROC-AM News) - Investigators for the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Department believe they have solved a “cold case,” but there won’t be any charges filed in the case.

A statement issued Friday by Sheriff Tom Kaase says his department and the Fillmore County Attorney’s office have determined there would be probable cause to charge Elmer Erickson in connection with the murders of Knute and Sever Olson, which occurred in 1936 at the victims’ farm in Bristol Township several miles west of Harmony. Erickson was born in 1899, and although investigators have not been able to confirm his death, it’s believed he is likely deceased.

The Sheriff is publicizing the findings of the investigation in hopes of sparking renewed interest in the case and perhaps obtaining additional information. He notes the .32 caliber gun used in the killings and a bloody shirt are missing and the news coverage might result in the recovery of those items.

Sheriff Kaase says Fillmore County has one other unsolved murder case. It dates back to 1974 when 69-year-old Mabel Torgerud was killed in her home near Peterson. He says investigators continue to pursue information and leads in hopes of eventually identifying her killer.

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