If you are on the search for the perfect place in Rochester, Minnesota that's selling gorgeous flowers, your search is now over!  Check out these 15 stores in the area that are ready to help you find the perfect flowers that will bring a smile to someone you love.

15 Places in Rochester Where You Can Find Gorgeous Flowers

If you are on the hunt for some flowers, check out these 15 spots in Rochester, Minnesota for roses, bunches of gorgeous tulips or mixes that would look great in a vase or in your flower pots. Some of these spots even sell plants that can help create lasting memories for someone you love.

What's your favorite place in Rochester to buy flowers?

Did your favorite make the list?  If it's missing, let me know your pick!  Send me a note over on my Facebook page - Jessica Williams On The Radio.

Kids in Minnesota Reveal 38+ Popular Mom Sayings

Mother's Day is here and to celebrate, we asked a bunch of kids in Minnesota, "What does your mom say A LOT?".  Because kids always tell the truth, we got some pretty honest answers.  Some sayings are what moms say when they've stepped on a Lego for the thousandth time, helping tips and advice that seem to be mom favorites, and a few others that are unique to a few special moms in our area.

Look below and see some of the most popular (and a few that are pretty hilarious!) sayings that moms in Minnesota tend to say.

38 of the Best Mom Quotes Ever From Kids in Minnesota

Every mom has that one phrase or saying that always comes out of their mouth at the perfect time. Maybe while a child is being stubborn and doesn't want to eat the vegetables on the plate. Or it could be that lovely reminder to put a coat on when it is below 20 degrees. It could even be that nice nudge to clean your room so you have more than just a path.

Moms are full of great tips, and advice, and we've heard a lot of great phrases from our moms...in the good times and the bad.

I asked kids in Minnesota to send me their favorite mom quotes...and we've got a great list!  Did your mom say any of these famous quotes?



Check Out These Super Cute Minnesota Sayings That Should Be on Valentine's Hearts

You know those chalky heart candies that show up around Valentine's Day?  What if we took over the factory that makes those and instead of putting those cute, cheesy sayings on them, we printed Minnesota-themed candy hearts? 😍 While we wait for the keys to the factory to start printing, enjoy these fun Minnesotan phrases that were sent as suggestions.

23 Minnesota Themed Valentine Hearts That Might Not Taste Good But They Will Make Your Valentine Laugh.

You know those chalky, candy hearts that come in a box and have these cute sayings printed on them? We created our own "Minnesota Valentine Hearts" version. I can't guarantee that your Valentine will eat the chalky hearts but they will LOL when they open up the box and see the quotes and sayings below.


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