School Picture Day! When your kids are photogenic, these pictures are truly just magical every single time – no matter what the hair or clothes look like.  A new spin on picture day has taken that magic to a whole new level…making children disappear.

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You'll LOL When You See This School Photo From Minnesota

I remember the little, black comb handed to all of us in line as we waited to get our pictures taken on school picture day. I had an 80s perm and owned that like a boss.  Trust me, there was no comb going through my hair. My outfit choices were always interesting too. Thinking about all these memories and knowing there are photos out there to blackmail me…I will be burning those as soon as I can find them in my mom's basement. (jk)

Photos are important and they capture memories of our kids that are treasured forever.  Obviously, these photos are needed for school I.D.'s, the yearbook and classroom photos too.  It is a must whether you buy them or not.

I was mentally prepared for the Fall photos happening but when the flyer came home one day that said “Spring Picture Day" information, I knew right away that no matter what they looked like, we would not be buying these.  What happened next almost changed my mind though.

Photo by Emmanuel Acua on Unsplash
Photo by Emmanuel Acua on Unsplash

Spring Photo Disaster for a Minnesota Family

When my kid stormed through the front door after school shouting, "We have to buy these!", I knew something was up.

I care so little about Spring pictures that I let my kids wear what they want and make their hairstyle whatever suits them best that day. I’m not a helicopter parent and, if my kids’ friends want to photobomb their Spring picture (which has happened), I’m all for it. I am not buying these pictures and my children are fully informed of that decision.

I. Do. Not. Care. About. These. Photos.

Here's what happened...My child wanted to represent his school with pride in his picture and he wore his school shirt, which is a beautiful green. The memo that I never received was that a green screen was being used for Spring pictures.   The result…you can see for yourself.

spring photo

It is pretty funny but I’m still not buying Spring pictures.

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