This is something that I've heard before, that it's ok to drive 10 MPH over the speed limit. But is that actually true in Minnesota? Let's find out!

*Knocks on wood* I have actually never been pulled over for speeding. Now that I've said it it's going to happen... I have, however, been pulled over for my tabs being expired. And I mean SUPER expired.

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Pulled Over for Expired Tabs

I had just recently gotten my car and it was my first car too. I was in college and got pulled over in my hometown. I saw the lights flashing and my palms immediately started sweating. The cop comes over and says "Did you know your tabs are expired?" I said "No!" And he said "They're really expired. I'll let you go this time but you need to get those updated."

I had been driving for about 6 months with expired tabs! I had never had to renew tabs before so I had no idea!

DVS / Minnesota Department of Public Safety
DVS / Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Back to speeding. Is it actually legal to drive 10 MPH over the posted speed limit in Minnesota? I did a little research and found out.

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Can You Drive 10 MPH Over the Speed Limit in Minnesota?

This comes from the Minnesota House from something they posted earlier this month. In it, I found out that yes, you can go 10 MPH over the speed limit but ONLY in a particular situation.

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The only time that you're legally allowed to go 10 MPH over the speed limit is "when passing on two-lane highways posted at 55 m.p.h. or higher." You hear that slow people in the left lane?

So if you're driving on the highway and you want to pass someone, it's totally legal to go 10 MPH over the speed limit to pass them. But once you pass them make sure you slow back down.

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