There are many things young adults and newly married couples are thinking of. One main thing is finding safe, fun, and reasonably priced places to live and start a family.

And today it is hard finding a place with all these factors combined, but this lovely website helps you find just that. It’s called and shares content about the best places to live, vacation, etc.

Recently Livability put out an article on why Owatonna is a great place to raise a family and I am here to share it with you.

In the article, the author speaks to two Owatonna locals on why they agree that Owatonna is one of the best places to live in Minnesota.

Livability shares that:

Owatonnans have a tight-knit community with a sense of pride in where they live — city improvement projects are often funded by local businesses and created with the help of volunteers (like the new singletrack mountain biking trail in town). Having affordable housing and a lower cost of living is a boon to those with kids, too.


But don’t just take Livability’s word for it, the author also talked to Owatonna residents Jolayne Mohs, who is mom to three hockey-playing boys, and Jeff Hall, a father of two boys, and shares their perspective on raising a family in Owatonna.

Not only is Owatonna the kind of community where you really get to know your neighbors and build relationships but Jolayne Mohs shares this:

“We’re deeply embedded in this community because we believe that it takes a village and if we need help from the community, we have to be a part of the change — you have to have some skin in the game,” says Mohs. “There is always a fundraiser to go to and it blows my mind how much money goes towards nonprofits and projects in town.”

Which I can definitely second, after hearing about and working with many non-profits. One of my favorite things to say about Owatonna is that the community also helps give back to the community. Everyone knows that Owatonna is a great place and we want not only to keep it that way but to continuously build and grow it.

Livability continues with stating “Owatonna boasts a highly rated public school system with award-winning teachers and coaches. There are tons of family-friendly activities and great access to parks, organized sports and extracurriculars. And, if you can’t find it in Owatonna, bigger cities are just 45 minutes away.”

In fact, I didn’t know this, but I love that the local saying is that “Everything is 45 minutes from Owatonna.”

“We’re this little community of 25,000 people that can get to a major metropolitan area in under an hour,” says Hall. “It’s the convenience that we love. Meanwhile, it only takes 5 or 10 minutes to drive across town — and everything you need is right here.”

So if you weren’t convinced already, I bet you are now that Owatonna truly does have it all (and of course if we don’t then it’s just 45 mins away)! Feel free to read the rest of what Mohs and Hall share about Owatonna on livability’s website.

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