As we get closer to winter, things will definitely change outside which I’m hoping will help keep my allergies in check. As I was looking at allergy information for Minnestoa, I came across several things that indicated I also needed to be worried about Winter Allergies! As my wife and I like to say when something unexpected pops up, “What Fresh Hell Is This?”. 

I hadn’t really thought about allergies once the weather turned colder, but I quickly learned they’re real. Your runny nose in the winter may not be coming from the colder weather at all, but from things inside your house.  

The most common causes for allergies during the winter months are Dust, Mold, Pet Dander, and Dust Mite and Cockroach Droppings (I could’ve gone all day without hearing that) 

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According to, which is the website for the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, here are 5 things you can do to help reduce your suffering this year.  

First, Clean regularly. Dusting and vacuuming on a consistent basis, especially behind and under furniture where allergens frequently build up. 

Secondly, Pet Dander is a common culprit to aggravate your allergies during the winter. It is suggested to keep your bedroom door closed so your indoor pets won’t get on your bed. This is a problem for us, because our dog Latte sleeps on the bed with us.  

Photo Credit Dave Thomas- Townsquare Media
Photo Credit Dave Thomas- Townsquare Media

It’s also said to wash your hands good after petting your animals to keep from transferring their dander to you. 

Third on the list of ways to reduce Winter Allergies, is to protect your bedding from dust mites. They love to congregate in warm, humid places like your bedding or pillows. It is suggested that you get a mite proof zippered case for your mattress and your pillows. Dust mites also gather in the carpet, so again the vacuum cleaner can be your friend. 

Number Four- There are over 1,000 species of mold in the United States, and many of these forms can be in your basement, under your sinks, anywhere with running water. Check for leaks in these areas and contact a mold professional if you need further assistance.  

Lastly, find yourself an Allergist who can help manage the issues you're having and help identify and treat those issues. Quickly! 

If you’re like me, finding out that allergies were such a threat during the winter is a bit alarming, hopefully these tips will help you have a little more enjoyment of the indoors this winter. And if nothing else, maybe you can use the term “dust mite droppings” with your family to have them help keep things cleaner around the house? We can hope, can’t we? 

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