Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) – The Rochester Fire Department is crediting a water sprinkler system for preventing a late night blaze from spreading beyond where it started.

RFD crews were called out around 11:45 PM Tuesday to the Quarry Ridge Apartments complex near Cascade Lake (1728 Quarry Ridge Place NW).

They arrived to find residents evacuating the building where the fire started.

They then spotted water flowing from underneath an apartment’s door and used forcible entry tools to enter the unit where the resident was trying to make their way out. They found a small fire in the kitchen that had been extinguished by a single sprinkler head.

RFD says there was fire damage to the kitchen/range, water damage to the apartment and adjacent hallway, and smoke damage throughout the apartment. The occupant was transported by Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service.

In its press release, RFD says “Kitchen fires are the number one cause of fires throughout the nation. This was a quick stop by a single sprinkler head that operated correctly and efficiently.”

The cause of the fire is under Investigation.

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