This week we recorded the show on Thursday, October 31, 2019.

  • Location: Tessa's actual office above Grand Rounds.
  • Reason: Steeped in history, and famous for Laura the spirit who inhabits the building, we thought it was a perfect location for a Halloween show. And, if we're being honest, we wanted to see if Laura would join us for the show.
  • Results: Laura joined us. For real.
Grand Rounds - James Rabe
Grand Rounds - James Rabe

I sat on one side of the boxes, Tessa Leung, Grand Rounds Founder, sat on the other. Between us, the Zoom digital recorder.

Three times very odd things happened. Tessa and I were just chatting and first, you'll hear a pitcher fly off a shelf and hit the floor. That's where it starts, and two more times things just go flying. Not AT US, just around us. You can hear it on the podcast, and while Tessa is pretty chill about it, you can hear how uncomfortable it made me.

Listen to the Grand Rounds Brewing Podcast Broadcast November 1, 2019:

Grand Rounds Halloween

FYI: Grand Rounds is doing something new called "Friendsgiving."

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* Banana = Segment

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