Undated (KROC AM News) -  The Minnesota man who had been drinking when his snowmobile struck and fatally injured an 8-year-old boy earlier this month nearly killed a woman in a traffic wreck in November.

Court records show 45-year-old Eric Coleman was charged in Anoka County Court with criminal vehicular operation, DWI and leaving the scene of an accident for the November 2nd wreck.

The criminal complaint says Coleman’s vehicle rear-ended a moving car in Fridley and drove off. The woman driving the car was shaken up but not hurt. She told officers she was doing 50 mph at the time. The force of the collision shoved the trunk of her car into the rear seat.

An officer found Coleman nearby. The officer says Coleman was “so drunk he needed assistance walking.” The officer said Coleman stated “Why do I drink?” several times.  The complaint says Coleman resisted giving a blood sample at the hospital. Officers and medical staff had to restrain him and get a sample by force. It showed his blood/alcohol level was .304, nearly four times the legal limit.

A motion was filed last week by the Anoka County Attorney to review the conditions of his release after charges were filed in the fatal snowmobile incident. The criminal complaint in that case indicates Coleman refused to take a breath test but a blood sample was taken and the results are pending. The complaint says Coleman told hospital workers “that he drinking before the crash and that his drink of choice was Coors Banquet” beer. He is charged with criminal vehicular homicide and two other counts in that case and is scheduled to appear in Chisago County Court Friday for a bail hearing.

The complaint says Coleman’s driving record includes three prior alcohol-related licence revocations, including the November wreck.

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