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Red Wing, MN (KROC AM News) - Information on a wild police chase incident that included Treasure Island Resort and Casino has been released and it reads like a movie script.

And it also indicates the incident posed multiple threats to the officers involved and citizens.



The incident took place Friday morning on Prairie Island and began as a domestic assault call involving 29-year-old Charles Childs.

Charles Childs/ Goodhue County ADC
Charles Childs/ Goodhue County ADC


The criminal complaint says as an officer arrived, Childs drove away on an off-highway vehicle. But he apparently returned and was able to steal an officer’s patrol vehicle. That began a 45-minute pursuit involving numerous officers.

During the chase, Childs used the patrol police radio to make “erratic and bizarre comments about being tortured and blackmailed” and said “he wanted off the reservation.”

The complaint says Childs reached speeds of 70 mph near the casino. At one point, the pursuit was affected by a train that drove between Childs and the pursuing officers. Officers also noted “when initially coming into the hotel/casino parking lot area there was quite a bit of pedestrian and vehicle traffic.”

As the chase was ending, Childs rammed a Red Wing police car head-on at a high rate of speed, injuring two officers. The chase finally ended when an officer driving a BearCat armored vehicle rammed the rear passenger side of the stolen squad.

The complaint says Childs got out and after resisting officers, was taken into custody.

The Prairie Island Police Dept. determined the squad was totaled at a loss of $37,000.

Childs was arraigned Monday on a dozen charges and his bail was set at $300,000.

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