A new survey says that getting behind the wheel of a new vehicle here in Minnesota is one of the luckier things you can do.

Here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, while there are many forms of public or mass transit (like this new daily train route linking the Twin Cities with Chicago), we love driving-- and we love our vehicles, right?

I mean, there are a LOT of licensed drivers currently behind the wheel here in Minnesota. According to Statista, 4,143,272 citizens are holding a current driver's license here in the North Star State.

And, there are a lot of new cars and trucks being purchased here in the Bold North too. According to this new vehicles report from F&I Tools, drivers here in Minnesota purchased 239,876 new cars and trucks in 2023.

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So it's good news that Minnesota placed near the bottom of this new survey that looks at the number of new vehicles involved in deadly crashes. Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers H&P Law analyzed the latest data (valid through May 2, 2024) from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for 2022 to see which states had the highest percentage of fatal crashes involving new vehicles.

For this survey, a vehicle was considered 'new' if it was a model year 2022 or later. And according to H&P Law, Minnesota placed 47th out of 50 on the list of states with new vehicles involved in the most fatal crashes.

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The survey said Minnesota had a total of 646 crashes involving new vehicles, 10 of which were fatal crashes, a rate of 1.55 percent-- nearly 55 percent BELOW the national average. And while that number is still tragic, it's one of the lowest on the survey. Only Hawaii, Rhode Island and Mississippi had a lower rate than Minnesota.

On the other end of the spectrum, Wyoming was the state with the highest rate of crashes involving a new car in America, with over one in 20 (5.49 percent) fatal crashes involving a new vehicle. This rate is over 60 percent MORE than the national average!

Arksansas, New York, New Mexico and Nebraska rounded out the top five states with the highest percentage of new vehicles involved in fatal crashes, while Washington Massachusetts finished just below Minnesota, ranked 46th and 45th on the list.

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