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Minneapolis, MN (KROC-AM News) - A Minnesota man who allegedly stated that he is "pro mass shooting" is facing federal charges.

The US Attorney for Minnesota says 20-year-old River William Smith of Savage is charged with possession of a machine gun and attempting to receive and possess destructive devices. According to court documents, the charges stem from an investigation that was launched in late September based on a tip from a concerned citizen reporting disturbing behavior.

According to the charges, Smith was allegedly preparing for a violent exchange with police and had expressed sympathy with the Parkland School shooter and "admiration for the individual charged with the recent shooting at a Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub. Federal prosecutors allege Smith had access to fully automatic rifles, handguns, suppressors, body armor, and a Kevlar.

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It's also alleged that he asked a government informant for grenades and an illegal part used to convert a semi-automatic rifle into a fully automatic machine gun. He allegedly indicated that he was preparing to fight the police and was dedicated to dying in that fight. The charges say Smith was arrested after he met with the government informant on December 14 and, in a deal supervised by law enforcement, purchased three hand grenades and four auto sears.

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