We were told that the temperatures were going to be bad and that everything is going to be frozen.  However, I completely forgot that our eyes were also at risk until I saw this photo of a reporter.

According to BringMeTheNews.com, Kenneth Chase, a reporter for WDAY News out of Grand Forks, was getting video for his story about the weather.

I was outside for 15 minutes trying to take video of I-29. I thought I felt my eye freezing shut. But dismissed it as me being dramatic. I got in the car and found this. Stay out of the cold if you can. - Kenneth Chase WDAY News Facebook Page

When he took the photo, temps were -18F and the wind chill was -53F.  Brrr.

It wasn't quite that cold this week in Minnesota but on Thursday morning, we had some reports of wind chill being as low as -44F.

What's your fun "I survived a Minnesota winter" story?  Let me know! Send me a message to my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.

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