A new Rochester restaurant is getting ready to open. A local one, and after talking to the person in charge of it all, it sounds like we're going to love it!

Deirdre Conroy, from the Rochester Farmers Market food cart, plans to open Le Petit Cafe soon! I got in touch with Deirdre to get the scoop!

a) Why the Avalon building?

I spent approx 2 years looking at properties around Rochester, not finding a space that would echo the bistro philosophy I most admire. A space had to be more than walls and a roof - it needed to feel right. As soon as i walked into the Avalon space I knew we could work with it. While it was dated and you had to use a lot of imagination to 'see' the new space - it felt right. The building's owner helped with this also - she is a fabulous woman who see's the potential in this beautiful building.

FYI: The Avalon was opened as a Kosher hotel, and was the only hotel where minorities could stay. Recently, construction began to enlarge the space.

b) What's your "brick and mortar" philosophy when it comes to dining?

Very elegant, relaxed, efficient, never loud. This will be a place you can linger over dinner or have a warm lunch quickly.

c) Can you give me some examples of the food that will be served?

Elegant refined bistro food. No one European country will dominate, using seasonal produce and as regional as we can get it, examples include - Risotto, Terrine, Cured Salmon. We will make everything in house and dietary restrictions will always be taken into account.

D) What's your open-for-biz target and will you continue your Farmers Market offerings when the restaurant is open?

Currently we are aiming for Feb 2019 opening. Right now we do plan on continuing with Farmers Market - but need to find our pace in the Bistro first. We should be back on track by Summer 2019.

When I moved to Fargo in 2007, I remember being excited by the idea of new-to-me restaurants. When I moved back in 2015 and saw how many new, locally owned, fresh and exciting restaurants had opened, I was pretty excited. And they keep opening! Keep it up, Rochester.

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