The Rochester Fire Department has taken delivery of a new fire truck equipped with technology that will greatly increase its fuel efficiency while reducing emissions.

The Fire department's new Truck 42 is a Pierce Velocity 100 foot aerial platform that is the first of its kind developed by the company to feature a new idle reduction system. A news release says It replaces a nearly 20-year-old fire truck and the new technology was requested by the City of Rochester to help achieve its goal of reducing emissions without sacrificing performance.

“The City of Rochester is committed to creating a sustainable and resilient future for our community,” said Rochester Fire Chief Eric Kerska “Selecting a fire apparatus with idle reduction technology supports our initiatives to reduce emissions and fuel usage. It’s a substantial way we can continue to do our part to support the health of the environment in which our residents live.”

The idle reduction system will allow the fire truck's main diesel engine to shut down during service calls. While the engine is not running, the power needs of the various equipment required by the firefighters will be met by a combination of lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries with a capacity for about an hour of run time. The manufacturer says it should take, on average, about 45 minutes to completely recharge the system based on the Rochester Fire Department's average call times. It is estimated the technology will reduce fuel usage for powering firefighting apparatus by about 50-percent per year.

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